WELCOME TO KHMER VILLAGE RESTAURANT THE KHMER VILLAGE RESTAURANT, Srass Srang village All most the Angkor temple was started with a goal to serve quality foods and to provide an unique dining experience for both local and foreign customers. Ultimately, we want to create an environment where luxury and quality food co-exist. And of course to serve the best quality of foods and to provide the best service to our valued customers. To achieve that, we have reknown local chefs and well-trained staffs to ensure that each and every one of our customers will have a wonderful time with us. Within a short period of less than 7years, THE KHMER VILLAGE RESTAURANT, with its commitment to excellence, has become most talked about restaurant; a restaurant that is well-known for its delicious, friendly staffs, and most importantly, as a health conscious restaurant in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The KHMER VILLAGE RESTAURANT offers the most choices for breakfast and lunch. Quality service and competitive prices in a very beautiful environment. The KHMER VILLAGE RESTAURANT provides 300 seats each. Five Asian kitchens, one western kitchen for your pleasure and your taste... Once again, thank you and we hope to see you soon. OUR RECOMMENDED DISHES As We always bring you the most delicous food, The Taste is what we focus the most on our customers.